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Ragmet Raffineria

A carbon footprint foundry concept.

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Ragmet Raffineria

A carbon footprint foundry concept.

Ragmet Raffineria

A carbon footprint foundry concept.

The concept of "carbon footprint"

Having profound implications in the aluminum recycling industry.


  • Carbon footprint: A crucial indicator established by the government to measure and reduce the industrial impact on the environment.
  • The impact of aluminum: Production of aluminum from primary ingots amplifies emissions due to high carbon and electricity consumption.
  • Ragmet Raffineria's Approach: We provide recycled material as a greener alternative, helping manufacturers produce items with a reduced environmental impact and ensuring compliance with governmental regulations.


By adopting sustainable practices and offering alternative solutions, Ragmet Raffineria not only supports the ecological objectives of the industry but also contributes to creating a greener and more sustainable future.

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What materials do we work with?

Exploring the diversity of metal: from aluminum to copper and beyond.


Aluminum, with its distinct shine and superior properties, stands as a titan of metals.


This lightweight yet robust metal has revolutionized many industries, from aeronautics to packaging. Its impressive features, such as its ease of shaping, resistance to environmental factors, and superior electrical conductivity, make it ideal for a wide variety of products and applications.


Another remarkable advantage of aluminum is its sustainable lifecycle. This metal never loses its essential properties, regardless of how many times it is recycled. This ability to be reused infinitely, without compromising quality, places it at the forefront of eco-friendly options. And when thinking about energy savings, recycling aluminum consumes only a fraction of the energy required for its initial production – a staggering reduction of 95%.


Ragmet Raffineria not only recognizes these benefits but also embraces them. We are proud to lead the movement to use aluminum in a way that respects both the current industrial needs and those of future generations. We dedicate ourselves every day to ensure that aluminum, with all its benefits, is processed and reintroduced into the economy in a manner that emphasizes our responsibility towards the environment and society.


Copper is a material with a long history.

Copper, with its distinctive reddish hue, is valued for its superior heat and electricity conduction capabilities. This material, essential in the production of cables and installations, is highly recyclable, retaining its qualities and minimizing environmental impact.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is renowned for its resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

Stainless steel, predominant in the food, pharmaceutical, and construction industries, gets its durability and shine from a combination of nickel, chromium, and iron, making it both practical and appealing.


Brass is an alloy primarily made of copper and zinc.

Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, stands out for its golden color, being chosen for musical instruments, jewelry, and decorations. It offers resistance to corrosion and possesses antibacterial qualities, making it versatile in many applications.

Production stages

From collection to delivery: our detailed step-by-step process.

Collection and reception

Materials are collected and brought to Ragmet Raffineria using dump trucks and specialized containers.

Material analysis

A spectrometer is used to analyze and classify non-ferrous materials, ensuring they are suitable for processing.

Material crushing

Specialized machines crush the materials to facilitate separation and removal of impurities.


Melting is the final stage, where materials are heated in specialized furnaces to become liquid, separating out impurities and preparing the metal for reintroduction into the production cycle.


Efficient recycling, advanced technology, and enduring commitment.

Advanced recycling

Innovative technologies ensure efficient processing of materials, thus reducing environmental impact.

High processing volume

The capability to process tens of thousands of tons of materials annually, ensuring a consistent flow for partners.

Sustainability and ecological responsibility

Intense focus on environmental protection, reducing emissions, and promoting recycling as a solution for resource conservation.

Material quality

To eliminate impurities, the provision of the highest quality recycled materials for the industry is ensured.

Long-term relationships

In-house means for purchasing, collection, and delivery, ensuring a swift operation without delays.

Compliance with regulations

Commitment to strict adherence to environmental standards and other relevant regulations, ensuring compliance and safety for partners.

Forward-looking vision

A proactive approach to anticipate the needs of industries and to provide efficient solutions regarding the processing and recycling of materials.

Photo gallery

Explore the world of Ragmet: from technical processes to finished products.

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Discover the two Ragmet Raffineria locations.

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Bragadiru, jud. Ilfov
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